IQ Vision Lite+ is video surveillance software for retail and small businesses with need for integrating applications, such as video analytics.

IQ Vision Lite+ is easy and affordable video management solution for small, single-location companies requiring simplified methods of incorporating video capabilities into their existing business operations. It can manage up to 48 surveillance cameras and supports five concurrent users.

Businesses can integrate third-party applications, such as analytics and access control systems, directly into IQ Vision Lite+ creating a solution with increased functionality and one common interface.

Effortlessly scale as your needs grow with Godrej IQ Vision Cluster which offers centralized operation of multiple IQ Vision Lite+ sites.

Easily deploy and maintain
  • Automatic configuration wizard
  • Automatic configuration wizards
    A unique wizard sets up the system and removes time delays and challenges during initial IQ Vision Lite+ deployment
  • Automatic camera discovery
  • Automatic camera discovery
    Automatically detects and configures new cameras that are added to an existing system enabling users to quickly expand their installation
  • Simple map
  • Simple map
    Complete overview of the installation with support for single-layer, interactive maps.
  • Automatic adjustable motion detection sensitivity
  • Automatic adjustable motion detection sensitivity
    Automatic sensitivity control for recording server-based motion detection adjusts sensitivity levels to optimize the motion detection algorithm according to the background noise level in the video stream. The feature significantly enhances the accuracy of motion detection analysis in environments with changing light conditions, while eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
Quickly address incidents and create video evidence
  • Search evidence
  • Search evidence
    With simple and efficient video search tools and multiple export options, users can quickly gather and share evidence when necessary
  • Remote response
  • Remote control
    Users can quickly address issues at all times with the ability to access video and respond to incidents from various locations using computers and mobile devices
  • Share Evidence
  • Share evidence
    Easily share evidence exports, such as video or images via a media player, email and MMS
Cost-effective retail solution
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Flexible licensing
    Users can efficiently expand their surveillance installation by purchasing IQ Vision Lite+ licenses on a per-camera basis